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    I’m feeling very lost, very confused and extremely lonely. The separation was definitely not a mutual decision and he seems so cold now. He’s gone back to his parents and seems to be enjoying his ‘free time’ whilst I don’t get a minute alone (our son has stayed with me) and when I do, I worry for my sanity because I’m just in so much pain. Desperately seeking someone to talk to is all, if that’s what this forum is for.

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    I’m in a very similar situation myself so I understand completely how you feel. Please feel free to message me, god knows I could use the distraction!

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    Many of us single parents have gone through exactly how your feeling, it will get better with time, what you’re going through is part of the healing process and you will come out the other side.

    Keep posting here and on other threads and you’ll soon build up a network of support.

    All the best


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    Sounds similar to me and my situation I agreed to a mutual split but I’d be lying if I said that’s what I wanted, I’m still living in the same place as my wife which probably makes it a lot harder and like you said there is this coldness and it sucks, and it hurts I feel like I’m just in the way of my wife now and a problem rather then her husband who she said she loved for 7years, if you wanna chat message me, I’m in the same boat where I just feel lonely as hell and my heads all over the place and it’s hard to move forward when your head can’t find the way to go, stay strong.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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