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    I’ve got a one year old and I’m a new single mum.

    No close family and I am in an unfamiliar area, so I’m feeling overwhelmed, any advice is appreciated!

    I want to land on my feet but I feel like I’m landing on my face… Repeatedly! Finances are my main concern rn.

    But I’m also happy! I love being a mum so it’s not all bad 🙂

    Hope everyone is safe and well xx

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    I’m new on here too. Being in an unfamiliar area is hard but exciting too. I moved to a new area after my divorce for a ‘fresh start’. It has mostly been a good experience. I’ve been a single parent for many years and my kids are virtually teenagers now so quite different from you but wanted to say hi and welcome. How are you coping with lockdown?

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    Good dad

    Hi wonderful,

    Hope you and your little one are safe and healthy.

    I totally feel for you as i am also in the same situation as yours for the last 6 months , yes even before COVID-19 started. I have 3 yr old and no family support.

    First of all we need support for our anxiety/depression/mood swings or any help to minimize STRESS.

    Secondly we need to start looking at our finances, so far things like taking mortgage holidays/ loan holidays/ cancel unnecessary direct debits will give temporary relief.

    It worth giving a call to your local HUB and seek advise on these.



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    I’m new on here too.  Been single for almost a year,  I have two young children. Looking for advice and support as I’m still learning been a single, parent. But wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    Hi there,

    I am a new single mum too of a 1year old.

    I am now in a more familiarized area I should say, as I made myself known around the locals in town as well as neighbours.

    Yet, duo to this lockdown and mostly because my family isn’t nearby, the loneliness feeling comes and knocks on my door every now and again.

    I find being a mum is truly one of the best gifts ones will ever experience in life. Nevertheless, it comes with a big price, a lot of sacrifice.

    It is pretty tough being a single mum, even harder if no loving ones are anywhere to offer support, but, if we focus our attention into what is most important, ourselves and our children, we can become greater mums, stronger, no one can stop us and that will reflect in our children too.

    They will be strong adults one day too.

    Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and we will all be able to socialise again.


    Stay safe, stay well!

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    @goldilocks Hello and thanks 🙂 It’s difficult not knowing the area in a time where I can’t really go and explore or ask a neighbor, but it’s actually all been fine so far for the most part.

    @Good dad Having no family support is another level!

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    @jlscott I know exactly where you’re coming from yep yep, hope you find what you need! X

    @rute yeah I was unlucky to move at such a bad time. Beautiful words! Even in my darkest moments I try to think how every bad moment is an opportunity to be strong and conquer it rather than let it beat me down. But it certainly isn’t easy. I hope you’re well too, stay safe!

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    Good dad

    hiya, Hope you and kids are safe and healthy

    feel free to ask what kind of advice and support you looking for as we all in the same boat and have lot in common to share.


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    @Good dad very generous of you to say so, it’s such a relief to have other single parents to talk to I felt like the only one it the world.

    Currently got a million questions tbh, still feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Currently internally screaming at how expensive childcare is! Hope you’re doing well x

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