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    Hi all


    This is all new to me. I am quite lonely atm and feel quite lost. I didn’t expect to end up a single Mum (who does?!) and I live miles away from family and friends. I love my daughter more than anything and hate that I feel this way.


    I moved with my ex partner for a new job and work long  hours and when he left (lots of arguments and decided we are better off apart), I’m now left paying huge childcare costs, footing all bills and taking in all the responsibility alone. I have a challenging job, and have been left with huge debts (I could afford when my partner was a stay at home Dad). Now it seems I’m working to just pay nursery fees, debts and bills and keep my career afloat.

    I feel my options are limited if I want to give my daughter the best possible future.


    Worst still I’m surrounded at work by lots of successful people with happy family lives and I feel like such a failure.


    Sorry for such a pitying rant (I know I have so much to be thankful for and people have far worse issues, making me feel guilt too)


    I wish I had some faith I’d feel happy again.

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    Well you have come to the right place here. Plenty of people will offer advice and a sympathetic ear.  Are the debts in your name?  Are you eligible for any financial benefit?  Don’t be sorry for having a rant. At times we all need to get out how we are feeling about things.  You’re taking care of your daughter and providing for her and as all parents know it can be a challenging and difficult job with sometimes little or no support.

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    Yes, thanks for the reply. The debts are all in my name. I don’t qualify for any help, I have a DMP, which means I can pay it back, just more slowly.


    It’s definitely challenging but I do love being a Mum, our life is just not how I’d like for her.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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