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    Hi I’m John,

    Not to go into too much detail,but my children have been  living with their mum. I have them every weekend and some holidays.

    I received a call last week from the Child Protection service.It seems unbeknown to me that their mother was neglecting them.

    I have taken my children away for a couple of weeks until I can sort things and get my head around the situation.  I want the kids to be with me fulltime( I have parental responsibility). I do not want them going back to that toxic environment.

    I have left my job to do this and therefore I have now no income.

    Am I able to claim for any governmental help for us all? After the couple of weeks away we will have nowhere to live and no money.


    Any help from this forum will be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi sorry to hear about your children being neglected . I can’t give you advice on finances but I do know you will get housing benefits to pay for accommodation .

    If you had reduced your hours and gone part time you would have been entitled to working tax credit to top up your salarty as well as help to wards a registered child minder or private nursery so you can work.

    You actually get more help when you are working but  people seem to think you are better off on benefits but it’s not the case. I know your kids were neglected and I hope things get sorted . Have a lovely weekend

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    I had to resign and leave as my job(trucker) cannot be done part time. It’s either fulltime or nothing.

    I could not let my kids go back with their mother. So hence, desperate measures have been called for.

    We are  going to stay with my sister for a couple of weeks up north. Hopefully this will give me time to get my head around the situation and get a plan in action.

    Incidentally,  I only knew about this horrible situation with a call from the CPS on Tuesday whilst out in my truck. I then had to react in the only way I knew.

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    Yes. It was only for an agency though.  So I could strictly get A job with them again.

    Not sure how I can work a job when I need to look after them from now on.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Under the circumstances I believe that you leaving your job would be classed as justified so yes you would be able to claim however you might need to fight for it.

    The best thing to do is to speak to someone who is actually trained in these matters and who you can disclose the whole picture to so as to get the best and most accurate advise so I would urge you to give the gingerbread team a ring 0808 802 0925, click on the contact link at the bottom of the page for more info.

    All the best


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    Hi Everybody

    So as you will see from my profile social services ruled neglect when they were with their mother. After living with me for over a year this was reduced to children in need. Then social services pulled out completely. They the assigned Early help.

    They pulled out last week😁😁

    I must say that both agencies were fantastic.

    I was made redundant last October and went on to uc ☹️☹️

    I am now back in work however if I was to lose my job and go back on Uc I would get the following

    my allowance

    housing benefit

    tax credits

    Being a single person you will also get council tax reduction. Furthermore I have to go and produce my tenancy and the kids b/certificates for a further reduction.

    The strange thing is if I was out of work my total benefits would pay me almost as much as I get paid in work.

    Having social services involved open so many doors to what you are entitled to.


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    Hi Johnboy

    Just to reiterate, our advisers that work on our Single Parent Helpline will be able to offer you up to date advice and information.  They will be able to explore what help you are entitled to and what support you can get.  They are busy so please expect to wait up to 20 mins before they answer your call.  All calls are free.  Here is the link and good luck, Justine.


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