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    Hi everyone i am very new to this and really uneducated in this area however, me and now my ex had a baby a little over 3 weeks ago and we have now separated, we have had a very tough relationship and i have had my own problems with mental health and a few other things causing us issues a long with her previously moving to australia and coming home!! very long story

    anyway to cut is short we broke up 2 days before our baby mia was due to be registered and she has told me she cancelled the appointment understandable so soon after a break up however she went and registered her anyway so now i am not on the birth certificate and she is now refusing me to see our baby point blank with no option to see her until CSA and some kind of mediation is done, i want to know my legal stand point because now i am going to lose out on time ill never get back with my daughter  and not just money.

    i am 24 really in need of some advice we are both living separate with parents now  and she is throwing everything at me now with this break up to stop me seeing her and 100% not seeing her alone and effective trying to remove me from her life

    any advice would be greatly appreciated i am very lost on all this i have contacted my local mediation service but i really dont know what to do i just want to see my daughter to be honest

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    Thank you for this advice it’s brilliant, do you know where mediation and court proceedings may start from and how do you being on this road??thanks for the reply

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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