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    Hey I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years. I feel things aren’t great at the moment, we meet on a night club through friends I’ve split previously with my son father who cheated left me feeling about insecure after splitting I meet my now present boyfriend what i didn’t know was my boyfriend had a previous thing with my sister he never told me untill half way into our relationship he knows how I feel it gets to me every time my boyfriend’s now lying about meeting with other girls meeting in club how he goes about it he switches in order how he says how he meet and what they spoke of it happened to be a girl he meet in a club I know she mailed she couldn’t be any nicer but my boyfriend has previous of lying which is why I’ve every reason to feel how I do I got told recently he’s in s club left sitting with these girls two hours straight comes home and everything was fine until he brought up it was his best friends ex yet recently he’s fell out with his friend due to another ex that’s what caused them to fall out my boyfriend and his friend o just advised him well isn’t it best you just keep clear of you’re friends ex’s incase as it will cause arguments at this point I only made a comment then he’s text his friend told him his friends like that’s not my ex so by this point my boyfriend’s tripped himself up I’m feeling a bit insecure obviously due to the fact he had a past with my sister and lied my boyfriend’s sat I’ve just said this is a joke like recently my boyfriend’s kicked of about my son seeing his dad also saying I don’t give him attention that point I spoke to my mum as I’m low my boyfriend’s making me feel like I’m in the wrong by exposing how he goes about this causes drama I don’t need that in mine or his or my child’s life I’ve giving him the chance put stuff behind on the past it’s like he’s repeating the same crap all over so Ive says I wish I never meet you I did I know it hurt him I finished as it’s stressful my boyfriend’s lashed out said I’m dulded it’s all in my head twisted his words even though evidence of all this is on black and white then tells me as I try to end our relationship that I can’t get anyone better I don’t deserve anyone for how I’m treating him I honestly don’t know how I’m being wrong or how I’m in the wrong o told my mum my family pulled him aside assured him I was with him no one else my boyfriend’s went to his friend in anger claimed my family’s threatend him at this point his friend the one who he’s being sneaky with has lashed said I’m a stupid wee lassie I’ve to get over my boyfriend being with my sister saying no one would go with her even though they didn’t have full on sex but they done stuff so his friends says no one would go near my sister with 20/20 vision I’m disgusted by this remark also disgusted my boyfriend kierans his friend told him to lie through our relationship then my boyfriend’s snapped out saying I need privicy I’ve just been put down and called a pathetic wee girl I’m stupid the text I got was horrific saying I’ve not been there for my boyfriend his friends just got back InTouch since my boyfriend’s family member have just passed away I’ve been made out I’ve not been there I was supporting my boyfriend at the funeral o got my mum to take care of my son to support my boyfriend I’ve been put across in someone else’s eyes that I’ve been nothing but horrible I don’t think I have I’m just so low at the moment with this any advice please on what Todo

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    Sorry he was assured as he accused me going with my son’s dad  my family assured him he took that as a threat

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    Hi Flynn1994

    Thankyou for posting on our forum.  You have spoken about feeling very low.  Here are the details of a couple of agencies that can help when you are feeling like this.  Hope this helps, Justine

    • Samaritians – 116 123 The Samaritans are open 24/7 365 days a year – call 116 123 to talk to a listening volunteer about anything (they do not advise and signpost)

    • Mind’s Elefriends forum is an anonymous 24/7 forum with an app, to talk about whatever you want to a highly supportive, lively online community:


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    It doesn’t sound like your boyfriend is a positive influence in your life or a good role model for your son.<br data-mce-bogus=”1″>

    Try to invest time in things and people that are good for your self esteem. Don’t be afraid of staying single for a while, it might boost your confidence.<br data-mce-bogus=”1″>

    Strengthen your own sense of reality by writing down what is going on in your own diary, if someone is trying to undermine the truth about what is happening.

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