New partners. Is my Son ok with his dad? Do I seek legal advice?

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    Hi There

    Im just looking for some advice. Basically I split with my child’s father last month after finding out he was cheating with another girl for the past year. ( this is the third time he’s does this to me). I told his girlfriend we had been together & iv left him & she’s stayed with him. My concern is the age gap between them of 12 years (she’s only just turned 21 & he’s 33). He picks my son up from school every Tuesday & he stays with him over night until the Thursday morning when he’s dropped back at school. His girlfriend is there all the time who my sons only just met. ( he’s only 4). My concerns are what happens when he’s at his dads. Iv been told by his nana that my son is extremely quiet when his dad & his girlfriend are in the room & doesn’t speak, but is fine when they leave. He has peed the bed at his dads & just lay in the pee cause he’s too scared to tell him. One day they went to the beach & my son got lost & was screaming for his dad who was nowhere to be seen so ran across a busy road to his car which he wasn’t in either, wet himself again that day as he was terrified. His dad feeds him junk the whole time he’s there & my child has a sore stomach most days after he’s home to me. He gets up in the night and sits in the living room in the dark himself cause he doesn’t want to wake his dad as he’s been told to stay in his own room & not to come into his dads. His dad doesn’t pay me any child maintenance. I had to re buy a whole school uniform for his house so my child was prepared for school. When I put a pe kit on him for gym days he never puts in back on him for the next gym days, he just keeps the trainers & joggers at his house so my child’s been missing out on pe cause he’s not in full kit & iv had to go buy new kit every week!  He’s not taking an interest in completing his homework properly. He is also telling my child not to speak about mummy, and he has different rules from me & im wrong.
    so basically I just want to know where I stand here. Am I suppose to be Oki with all this? . Ok with the fact a 21 year old girls looking after my son? No money is being paid to me for him? He’s stealing his clothes & not providing him with the right uniform for school days? He has also blocked contact on every form, so I have no way of contacting him. He’s told me to never speak to him again. No communication is being made what’s so ever which doesn’t help when log in details & passwords need to be set up for school. He isn’t doing the right by our child by ignoring me when he needs to know advice for school. I find it all very immature. But is there anything I can do here??? I’m loosing my mind over it all.

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