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    My ex has a new partner who the children has only met for a few hours recently.

    We came back on hoilday and they wnet tp thwre dads for the whole weekend so i could work they siad thsu girl was there the whole time a d there dad didjt reay spebt much tiem just them wgih after him moabing at me for taking them away seamed a bit crazy.

    He made out hes been sending her away till now, blaming me but i never had a problem with it at all!!!!. And confirmed that fact.

    Tge childreb siad thus is the fordt tiem hes made them feel welcone the whole tinw theyve visted and he was like the old persob which makes me worry as i believe he puts a forbt in to make this new perosn in hjs life happy as for 6mths hes treated the kids differently and the second shes there he behaves how he should have the whole time.

    Thus is the secobd time hes rakeb then somewhere since hes been gone too which also rings alarms bells as the firdt tien was to introduce the girl to them. Hes never dobe anything just them 3

    The question i have if he plans to move her in *decussed twice now.  Am i wrong to expect time without her there?

    Can i request this as a rule fir cibtact via the solicitor

    As if someone was in my life now id try and ensure id do things just us 2 like i have for the last 6mths it couldn’t change.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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