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    I split from my children’s father a year and a half ago, in the first few weeks he was seeing someone new. I did not have a problem with this and let him get on with it. A couple of months into the relationship he introduced the kids to her, fine – she made and still continues to make that extra effort for them to like her! My oldest as issues with her but I think that’s down to him understanding more than the other children.

    Anyway to cut a long story short, my ex as going from wanting the children full time, to once a fortnight then to not at all, all of which he now denies and is now telling everyone that I will not let him see them..I will admit I have not sent them since he said they were not allowed in his house anymore, and that is for the sake of them, they never know whether there coming or going…..and after a recent argument with them both about seeing them on certain days she is now funding his court application to try and take my children, and all messages or conversations had she is the main mouth!

    I am currently doing a masters degree and did work part-time which I have now walked out on due to the stress of it all…as anyone else being in a similar situation? I just feel like I am at a loss…I did seek advice from a solicitor a while ago after I was threatened with court then, she said having listen to what I had told her he would lose a day or two rather than gain more access….but now he doesnt see them it makes me wonder what there planning..makes things  little harder and confusing because she is also a police officer….

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    Once you have anything in writing, contact a mediator. Best of luck! I don’t think they will get anywhere with their application.

    Also make sure you document everything that happens in detail, like time date and location, what was said and so on, in a diary.

    This will help you if this ever went to court. The ages of your kids also help, anyone aged 5 and over is usually asked for their opinion as far as I know – but I am no solicitor. Call Gingerbread helpline too for advice. try to stay calm xx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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