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    ive just signed up. I’ve been a single parent since 2012. I’m a nurse but have recently reduced my hours after trouble with my boy who started Secondary last year- found it hard to settle and took to bunking off. The school responded by putting him in isolation- meaning he didn’t want to go even more and continued bunking off – mainly when I was on shift & therefore not really able to do anything about it at the time. The school further threatened to fine me. I had to resort to leaving my shift when we are really short staffed and physically dragging my son to school. Childcare – I’ve looked at but can’t find anyone who would be willing to drag a reluctant 12 year old the five minutes it takes to get to school. Ive tried a number of different talks with  my boy and am certain there is no bullying going on with the other children. The only thing he says is the teachers shout and he gets upset. I asked for counselling sessions at the school but they ended after six sessions, some of which he did not attend. So as it’s got to the new school year, I’ve reduced my working hours – not ideal when you consider the current staff crisis in the nhs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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