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    Hiya, bare with me I’m so new to this!

    So I became a single mum to my two little pickles about 6 months ago (2yrs and 4 yrs) and I’ve literally struggled emotionally nearly everyday scince, even up to last week were I just wanted one day of not crying over this whole sudden situation that I felt like I didn’t have a say over. The whole summer holidays was spent with me in tears but not wanting to upset the kids (especially my 4yo as he was starting school and is quite emotional anyway) so I convinced them my hay-fever was so bad that by the end of the 6 weeks he would close the windows and back door in the house  “to stop mummy’s eyes watering” bless him.

    Today I’ve literally had that life changing moment that I never thought was coming were I’ve realised… I’m OK, I’m going to be OK and I coped without him for the first 20 years of my life before I met him and I’ll be fine now. I even met his new girlfriend today and expected to put my gaurd up, not like her and find something to either get upset or angry about… But it actually bought me closure ready for me now to be able to begin the next chapter of my life… Concentrating on me and my mini ones and our future!

    Sorry for this essay I just feel like the girl I was 7 months ago when I felt like life was good and nothing could stop me… The girl I lost for a while but I can see her coming back 🙂 so to anyone that’s going through it at the moment just know one day out the blue you’ll realise you’ve got everything you need asking you for a cuddle… Something I took for granted when I was wallowing in my self pity xx

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    I’m the same, became a single mom about 6 months ago but my little one is only 10 months! It’s an emotional rollercoaster isn’t it? Some days the only thing that’s made me get out of bed is the fact that I have a little person who depends on me for everything.

    Its lovely that you are finally feeling okay and positive for the future! Some days I’m like that and then the next I can spiral back into being sad 🙈 xx

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    Hi. Im  new here so please  bear with me. i realize that this is for single parents but as im still married and not yet sepetated i hope that its still ok for me to be here and chat.

    I have 3 children which are 14. 11 and 8.  Im looking for advice about getting a divorce. I think sadly the time has come and it would be best for all of us.

    So if anyone has any advice on how i can tell my wife. (Who doesnt listen to a word i say.) That i have been thinking about a divorce for a few years and i cant live like this anymore please let me know


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