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    Hi everyone. As the title suggests I was left my the baby’s father for another woman at 14weeks pregnant. The baby was a planned pregnancy. I’m currently 25weeks and still have a way to go so hoping people might have some great ideas on how to get through it all!

    I don’t want the father involved if I’m honest and after telling me he hopes it dies and it was the worst day of his life seeing it had a heart beat etc along with other things (a huge change from when we were together) along with his anger issues and threats and fact his relationship with his other children is shocking, I feel that would be best for the baby too. He has not once enquiries about the baby but tells/insinuates to people it was an accident not planned like it was!

    Any advice would be great as I am struggling with it all but terrified of the damage he will do by being fickle if he decides to pursue seeing the child. I don’t want my baby going through what his oldest and his step daughter went through with him.

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    What a let down for you and your precious unborn baby. But try not to think about his future actions. Just try to block him out for now and focus upon yourself and enjoying your baby growing and 100% yours. My daughter’s father also left me while I was pregnant, after wishing her dead, and I raised her alone. When he finally came to track her down, she refused to address him as Dad and informed him a real dad brings up a child, not just makes it!! I tried never to speak against her father but she judged us both by our actions and I am lucky to have her undivided love. Singleparenthood has its benefits: no disagreements about child rearing practises for example but it takes patience and when help is offered, take it gratefully!! My ex contributed £ 8.00 in total maintenence over 16 years and money was often tight but it is worth it. Be proud of what you are doing right now. Think about the now but look forward to the exciting future you have to come with your little son or daughter x D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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