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    I am coming to the end of a toxic 11 year marriage, although I have effectively felt single since 2013 – sleeping on a sofa bed in lounge, insulted daily, treated with contempt even though she has not worked since 2012 and has been entirely reliant on me. I could not afford to leave and did not want to as I have two children 5 and 8 that I love dearly and want to protect.

    She has recently come into a large inheritance so she wants to get a divorce and leave ASAP with the kids. We have started mediation, which I am participating in with a heavy heart.

    I know that when she goes (no matter what a Child Arrangements Order says) she will continue to alienate the children against me as they are at a very young impressionable age. She has also been messaging an ex-boyfriend from her teens for the last 12 months, so am pretty sure he will be around as soon as she is out of this house.

    I have no friends as I originally moved to Hertfordshire to suit my wife, and my family have all passed away.

    I am dreading being lonely and losing the only 2 people I have left in my life (the kids). This is all against a backdrop of lockdowns and me having been furloughed for nearly a year (I work in hospitality). My entire situation is stressful beyond belief and I would love to connect with new people. I used to be very positive, enthusiastic and laidback but that’s been kicked out of me…if you read my moaning this far, thanks!!  :o)


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    Hello I’m sue iv been a single parent for 21 years now, looking for new friends I’m shortly turning 48 next month am living East sussex way just wanting chats with women around my age and meeting up for coffee

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    That wasn’t really moaning.

    It’s a really awful situation and I think the way partners/spouses fiances suddenly feel free to treat their other halves so appallingly is shocking.And reading these posts that all have similar storylines over and over shows how far society has fallen in treating relationships like they are disposable.Always someone left behind reduced to rubble,not to mention the kids being hurt.When I grew up I didn t know anyone from a single parent family.Obviously things were farrrr from perfect but at least people had more self respect, made an effort and put on a front & say what you like it was better for the kids.Bc if we look around there’s definitely something wrong with the way we’re doing it nowadays.Far too much misery & loneliness.

    Sorry to say you’re not alone and lots of people know what you’re feeling like.Stay strong and fight for your kids.They need both parents.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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