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    Hi I posted a few weeks ago about my partner leaving me and our 2 babies. For me it was quite a shock as although we have been through a rough patch we were trying to work on things then he just said decided he didn’t want to anymore. He said there was nobody else and he wanted to be alone the last time we slept together was only the middle of July. He also said I love you the same week.

    last week I seen a picture on social media of him with a girl he had taken on holiday and one of the pictures was at a place that was special to us which was going to be a potential wedding venue. He’s 43 and the girl is 23. I gave him some crap saying how can you do that and put it all over social media it’s so cruel he said I’m single I can do what I want see who I want.  Couple of days later apologised and said she’s just a friend thru have kissed but have called things off as don’t need any drama from me etc. He apologised if he had hurt my feelings.

    what hurts the most is he’s saying move on it’s over I don’t love you I want to date people just get over it all. He said we’ve been over for months I said no it was only July! Myself and mutual friends think he’s having a midlife crisis he’s the only one who doesn’t think he is. I’m currently in hospital with a very bad chest infection he has our kids he keeps messaging asking for updates but I think he’s just wanting to get the kids back to me. Heartbreaking situation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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