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    Hi everyone!
    Im a 23 year old single mum with a 5 year old boy! I absolutely love being a parent, but I became a mum at a young age and lost a lot of my friends.
    With how strange times are now, it would be good to have friends or someone new to talk to. Other mums and dads!
    This is new for me so not too sure what to write!!!

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    Hope you’re well? I think it’s universal, I was about 20 years older when I had my first lad, and I lost most of my friends as well, as they’d already had their kids and were finishing comprehensive school.

    So they struggled to remember what it was like having young ones, and if I’m honest, I don’t think they really wanted to anymore. And yeah, this year’s been mental, managed to get my lad into playschool, but I couldn’t even talk to the other parents coz its one at the door at a time ha!

    Write what you like, just give me a shout if you want a chat😊

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    Thank you! I most definitely will drop you a message!

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    Hi, must have been hard at young age, had my first at 27 and second at 30 so was happy to stay in with babies. Never would have imagined being a single parent though. Spend all of my time with them when not at work so yeah hard to keep in touch with friends…happy to chat if you want..🙂

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    It was the best thing that happened to me and when his dad walked away, I was so blessed to have my mum!
    thank you, I most definitely will!

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    I remember how it felt, I had my daughter on my own when I was 21 and at that age you definitely lose friends. They are out partying, on holidays and it’s tough to watch at times. But what I found is I may have lost my friends but I had my daughter and she gave me a focus. 10 years later, I had my own home, a job and my daughter whilst my so called old “friends” where starting out.

    For me I repeated history and had my son at 33 on my own again and again it’s been tough the last few years as I’m unable to go out and meet new people so I can totally relate to where you are at.

    I’m here if you want to chat anytime 😁

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    yeah I felt the same way about my son. He gave me life and a focus.
    A lot of my old friends who judged me, are in my position now. One even asked me for help.
    i wouldn’t turn her away.
    I appreciate the offer for a chat

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