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    This is my first ever post!  My husband of 15 yrs and partner of 23 left me and my daughters in June this year saying he couldn’t commit to our marriage anymore.  I have been left devastated and heartbroken.  My daughters of 12 and 9 yrs old are doing really well considering.  My question is, where Christmas is approaching I would like to make new traditions from those we’ve known in the past.  What do you guys do as single parents?

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    I started doing Christmas Eve boxes with mine when I split from their father. Some Xmas Pjs, sweet treats and gift (DVD one year or duvet cover the next, whatever the budget could afford).  I thought if they ever had to spend Christmas away from home they would be able to take their Christmas Eve boxes with them and know I am thinking of them. My daughter made a box for me the second year and filled it with all sorts of home made loveliness, made my Christmas 🎄


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    Hi. We always pick a day before xmas and go for drive around to look at the best house decorations in dark it feels magical. We also do a xmas food corner which builds up(no touching til xmas)when kids see the start of the xmas goody stockpile they know its xmas!. And on boxing day we invite kids close friends and adults for boardgame bonaza with everyones left overs. I felt very lonely first few xmas with kids and would always team up with fello single parents for xmas dinner. Some families do a secret santa type gift but it got to be the cheapest and most unusual and given on xmas eve(think adults get more from this humour wise). X

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    Thank you for your responses so many great ideas.  My girls love baking so we’ll be doing that for sure. We have a great garden centre which actually has reindeer in the stable part every year.  I also take the girls there every year to choose a decoration for the tree. I like the idea of inviting friends round for hot chocolates too and the Xmas eve boxes.

    I have my family coming round for Christmas dinner and my parents will be staying Christmas eve at ours so we will have grandparents there in the morning which will be a nice distraction.  Just need to get past this first Christmas.  My ex isn’t seeing the children until the 28th Dec (his choice!) so it puts a bit more pressure on me to keep the girls spirit up until then!

    thanks you again x

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