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    Dorking Dad

    hello – my wife and I have recently separated reasonably amicably. We have a 9 year old. We’ve made the decision to ‘nest’ for 2 years – to  keep my daughter in the family house so no change for her and we rent a flat nearby and rotate around her (i.e. taking in turns to return to the nest). It’s tough going and has obvious downsides but it’s reassuring to know that the impact on my daughter is as minimal as possible – for now anyway.


    Anyone else do this that I can reach out to?



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    Dorking Dad

    Suspect it’s an American term!

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    It’s a very admirable solution to be if you’re able to sustain that.  It sounds like you are both focusing on your child which is great.

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    Just wanted to check how did the nesting go / how is it going as I read about and I am thinking of proposing it to the next mediation but I dont have reviews

    thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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