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    I just can’t get over that my husband cheated on me and left me with a small baby

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    Hi hope you are well. Here to chat

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    Hello Lumiema33e, I saw your post and just wanted to say hello and I know what you are going through regarding being cheated on and left and know the myriad of emotions you are having to conquer in order to keep any form of normality in your daily life for you and your baby. As it been some time that you have been on your own and you keep regressing into the past trying to make head and tail of things or is it quite recent and raw. How old is your baby and are you managing enough to keep things in order to keep positive enough to keep a functionality through your day?

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    I’m the same but the other way round. Me and my wife were together 20 years and married 11. We were going through tough times and she became very close to a male friend and kept saying no matter how bad things got she’d never cheat yet 6 weeks ago she did and I’m now in a flat round the corner while they are now together. I’m struggling to get over how she could throw 20 years away

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    Its 23 years for me & I am now 6 months down the line, too scared for OLD & house move hopefully this week 🤞He denied it time after time but things have come out which now leave me in no doubt I am right. thought I was going mad at first.. He is shacked up somewhere with her and youngest DD (14) hasn’t had contact since Oct, it’s me n her against the world now I have told her 🙂

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    I know, it’s horrible. You’re going through all the motions and the hundreds of tasks involved in taking care of a baby. Yet your mind is whirring like a blender. Best thing to do is to try and find a mother and baby group. If you want to think of steps to get back to work.

    I wish things had worked out differently for me but I have a healthy happy son and wouldn’t change him for anything.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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