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    Hi everyone,

    I am a mother of a two and half yrs old boy. Since June I decided to separate from my abusive partner as he was disempowering me not allowing me to work threatening me every now and then by saying that I wasn’t a good mother.

    On the other hand I managed to finish my university taking care of my son and not receiving any help from him. I was struggling but I kept on track and managed to have a content baby and graduating.
    since we separated he is trying to turn my son against me by saying to him that I am evil and all of the time I have to tell to my son not to do something like for example some dangerous activities he s turning to me in a very rude manner saying mom shut up, just like his father s example.

    I am desperate as my partner got a new flat but he is always here undermining my well-being and the quiet of my place.

    he is not paying one penny for his son and he s always here eating charging his car, even bullying me all of the time I remind him that he is not welcome in this house anymore.
    I have never asked him not to see his son and he is looking after my son when I go to work twice a week on the days he decided to accommodate his needs.

    but now everything is to much, when I am asking him not to come here and argue with me he is turning to my son saying:’ you see, mom is putting dad out of the house’

    what she’ll I do I have enough and I want to protect my son keeping him out of these adults matter.

    please please please help me

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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