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    hiiii first time post :/

    I dunno about anyone else but I’m struggling mentally just having my boys to talk to every day, I love then beyond words and I’m enjoying having more time with them through all this. But once they’re asleep I’m just sat watching tv, not a word to any other grown up for days at a time sometimes….

    Friends and family just dont get it and have their own lives and other people they live with to spend time with. I’m just lost right now.

    Sorry for being utterly pathetic, needed to get that off my chest 🙁

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    Hiya Bubbles

    Thats not pathetic at all, I imagine it can be the case for quite a few people, especially given the current situation. I know how you feel, some days I dont really mind as I’m so tired by the end of the day, the only thing I want to do is sleep, but when I realise I haven’t spoken to anyone for days it gets a bit much. My lads just turned two, and my Jack Russell cant speak English, so like yourself, I don’t get too much adult conversation, more just talking at a couple of lovely lads.

    I’m hoping the restrictions wont last too much longer, and am going to look into some online groups in the short term. Is it the fact that people don’t get in touch with you, or that you don’t feel you have anyone you can approach to have a chat with? I do have a few friends that periodically check in, but when it comes to getting in touch with family I’m doing the legwork. Which is fine, as you say, they have their own lives, and it’s a very weird place we’re all at at the moment!

    Take care:)

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    There are lots of us in the same boat! We have an online get together once a week .there are apps like zoom where you can send an invite  a select bunch of people .this week was quiz night and the computer selects questions a bit like “who wants to be a millionaire”  so all good fun .

    First time in weeks I had something to look forward to. I have been self isolating and working at home .our online shop comes once.a week. Today I’ve taken some stuff to the dump. It was sooooo nice to get out. Take care and looks like it will be.nice this week end

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    It’s actually a relief to know I’m not the only one, to see someone else say it ya know? My family and friends are mostly working from home. They dont care to here about my day, or tell me about theirs so I can hear about something beside sonic the hedgehog and which lego car goes the fastest lol.

    Weve had a couple video calls with family in the last 2 months, but we are the ones that get forgotten 🙁

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    Oh yeah, a bit of validation can really help, I don’t think any of us are that different when you get down to the nuts and bolts of things.

    Wow, Sonics still doing the rounds is he, he was about when I was a lad! Oh and FYI, the red ones always the fastest, its the fastest colour:)

    I don’t think its just whats going on at the moment, people tend to get absorbed in their own routine so don’t see beyond their own lives, maybe give family and friends a bit of a nudge and try the quiz thing that Sherinam mentioned with them perhaps, it’d be a good way for contact with a few?

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    Hi Bubbles,

    You’ve made me feel much better. I am in similar situation and conversation has been MineCraft -12 hours a day for 8 weeks. I love my son but it isn’t easy.

    I’ve joined an on-line choir, do a couple of group quizzes (work & parkrun) and chat to my neighbour through the hedge – probably 10m apart so little risk.

    I still caught myself reading the manual for a new iron this week. 😩


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    I’m somewhat glad my two have steered away from minecraft lol. I’m waiting for a day they get hooked on scooby doo or something I actually know! Then I can join in the conversation ya know 😂

    Theres not alot of online stuff going on in my area 😔 my slimming world group is doing zoom meetings. But as opposed to going to my group during school hours so I dont have to worry about the kids, naturally all the meeting times they set I’m indisposed by the kids 🤦‍♀️

    I suppose even a chat over the hedge feels a bit better?? It’s good to have neightbours that share in the struggle!


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    Hi Bubbles271


    Im also feeling quite isolated at the moment – I Have 2 kids and a dog and stuck in night after night.  Just an idea for something you could do with the kids – although you don’t say how old they are – I have downloaded Disney + and me and my two are watching the marvel movies in the order they are meant to be watched.  Its definitely killing lots of time and is a good way to find some common ground  (unless you hate Marvel movies LOL)



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    Hey Bubbles, first time post for me too.

    You’re not being pathetic at all. It’s all about balance and no matter HOW much we love our children, if the balance is off we can feel empty. Even pre-lockdown I’m sure many people here have felt the same at some time or another.

    Hang in there, video calls etc are a good way to keep in touch with friends but definitely not the same as a good chinwag with a pal.


    X X X X

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