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    Hello . my husband is abusing alcohol, he is very arrogant, he doesn’t care about our children, we have two of them. He looked after the children when I was at work in the afternoons and was always drunk. I told him it’s over, he lives with his family  now (unfortunately in the same building). When he visits us he is rude, I’m afraid of him. scuffles often occurred. I don’t want children to witness our quarrels. He said recently that I should move out of the apartment. I would like to do that. I’m glad that I have support in my mother-in-law, whose husband also has problems with alcohol. We want to take kids and move out to start a new life without stress. unfortunately we are trapped by a virus. are there any organizations or foundations that help women with children to find housing. where to go. I ask for advice. Thank you and best regards


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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