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    Good afternoon everyone,

    im currently going through break up with my daughters dad ,my daughter is 6 now , she’s big enough to understand when im sad and all that, but me and my ex partner couldn’t come to agreement about almost everything. I have depression and anxiety, having antidepressants for the last 6 months, all these negative feelings came of the toxic relationships i had with him. I almost tried everything, i was nice to him, i really wanted involve him as much as I could to our daughters life , but when he’s around in constantly suffering, we can spend one day together but the next day he will hurt me in some way again and then im feeling so bad about myself, and I really fed up now, i gave up on it and I blocked him everywhere. (He has contact with our daughter by her own she phone)  , we agreed in the beginning that he’s gonna see her on weekends and she’ll stay over but in these 3 months he had her 2 nights, he doesn’t giving me any set times or days when he’s gonna take her, he’s just comes around when he’s bored. I just want to make arrangement plan , and everything that it would be decided and he couldn’t make his own decisions when he wants to be involved in her life and when he dont want to… in not British citizen so i find it a bit difficult to sort it all out by myself, i really need any advice help , how to do child maintenance application and everything, please 🙏🏽 I don’t really have my family around and its not easy to deal with the whole situation… i will really appreciate any given advice ❤️

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    Have you tried calling the Gingerbread helpline? Also there are a lot of family lawyers who give advice/hold free drop in sessions. Obvs these will be remote now but it is worth doing some Googling. Definitely what you need is proper legal advice right now. Do you have friends you can talk to/what support are you seeking for your anxiety? You’ll get through this!

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    The number for child  maintenance is on the gov site it cost 20.00 to set up and if you have his national insurance number that is a big help also try what I did with my daughters mum my daughter lives with me and their was lots of issues with my ex so I gave her a days and times to see her as she’s not allowed unsupervised visits but I told her if she could keep to the times and days she would have to pay to see our daughter in a contact centre

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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