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    Hello. I received a section 21 from a private landlord and I have to move out of my rented property by the middle of march. As I never expected anything like that and I had no chance to save any money, right now me and my kids have nowhere to go. My landlord explained me, that he wants to renovate the property and rent it to his family later on.

    I went in council and they advised me to fill up a homeless application and bring all paperwork they needed to proof that I am under a threat of being a homeless. Today I receive the email from a housing solution team, the lady wrote,that she spoke to my landlord who gave me a good review and now she would like to talk to me. All of this process took 2+ weeks. I am very worried of what going to happen, what I am entitled for as a help and what should I expect? There are not much time left until me and 3 of my kids going to be a homeless. Council dont explain me anything, so I am a little worried.

    About me:

    Single parent of 3 kids under 10 years old. At the moment not working and on universal credit. No rent arrears, no previous evictions or criminal records.  Please any advice would be appreciated

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    Hi Sure

    Hopefully it won’t be too long before other parents are able to share their experiences with you.  In the meantime Shelter may be able to offer you some advice and information.  Here are their details.  I wish you well, Justine

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    As far as I’m aware if you haven’t made yourself intentionally homeless the council have a duty to rehome you. I went through it 10 years ago, and although I didn’t get a council house they did help with deposit on a private rent. I know its stressful but I’m sure you’ll be fine. Good luck!

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    Hello EmmaJ84, so far I got a personal plan with my housing officer and she gave me the list with the private landlords and said to stay in my current home until bailiffs comes to evict me 😬 this is creeps me out. I dont mind a private rent, but council stated, that I can afford home for £473 a month (3 bedroom) and now I’m sitting and thinking how do I suppose to find a house for this price ? The officer made my housing application live and put me in band2, she said someone will call me if they will have a suitable home for me… any ideas how long it could take, do I have to wait for them to help me, or shall I not even hope? I have such a horrible headache since all of this started and I am not able to eat or sleep properly as I dont know where my kids and I will live after section 21 expires as I dont want someone come and in front of my kids kicks us out

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    I wouldn’t want to wait til the bailiffs come kick me out either, not a nice situation to be in.

    Start looking for a private place to rent rather than waiting for the council to get you a house. If you do find a house that suits your needs but don’t have the money for the bond and rent up front then put in for a Discretionary Housing Payment. The Discrectionary Housing Payment will cover the rent up front and the bond and you don’t have to pay it back.

    Phone UC and ask how much you would get from them towards the rent for a 3 bedroom house in your area, that would be good information for you to help decide what you can afford.


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    I dont blame you at all, I wouldn’t and didn’t wait for bailiffs to come either! As I said it was 10 years ago I went through it so I expect a lot has changed since then. I think kath has offered some good advice. And you never know, the council may be able to offer you something. I know its easier said than done but try not to worry. Everything will come right in the end. In 6 months time you’ll be settled in a lovely new home and this will all be a distant memory 😊

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