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    Hi all.

    My Ex lives in Australia, been there for 4 yrs. He was controlling, manipulative, toxic during our 20 Yr relationship, we have a 10 year old daughter and I’ve never stopped him seeing our daughter (although he hardly bothers, some years not at all)

    He has a girlfriend, which is great, but my question here is

    As my ex lied the last time he had our daughter for 3 weeks in Australia, about where she was staying and who she was with. Is it reasonable to request for him to have her here in the UK?

    My ex will not let me meet his girlfriend, he will not give me the correct address as to where our daughter will be and neither of us have family In Australia so if anything happened to him, I have no idea where my child would be (he did this last time he had her and told me it was non of my business)

    He said if I refuse, he will make my life harder and he already said he won’t give me permission to move with our daughter, even if financially it will benefit both our child and myself.

    He also doesn’t provide any financial support for our daughter and wants me to send our daughter by plane solo.

    I have been having therapy and I am stronger than I was before, he says I am gaslighting and being difficult, because I would always give in and give him what he requested, even if it hurt me or was inconvenient for me.

    I am going  to court for full custody as I need this to be able to live my life .

    Am I being unfair?


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    Do all the best in the best interest of your child. Only this matter not the rest.

    Court will decide then and you, hopefully, be protected vs any sort of abuse





Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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