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    No idea where to start!?

    I am really struggling with my narcissistic Ex, who we share 2 children together. He is a complete let down, lies, false promises etc etc. He does pay maintenance. (It’s his warcry…..I always pay for them) Anyway he is sooo difficult. He hates and blames me for everything. Yet its all his actions that have caused everything. I’m drained by him. I have stated to him I don’t want anymore contact and we need to use mediation. He is point blank refusing to do it. Where does that leave us? Do I have to keep entertaining his nonsense or can I ignore him and expect that he will go through mediation to see our children? If I cut contact our children lose out? I have spent a full year trying to reason and make schedules etc. Am done.!! How do I move forward without feeling guilty for our children, cause their dad won’t put in effort ever???? Any advice at all appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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