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    My ex partner has said 11 year old daughter got covid and tested positive whilst with him and she isolating for 10 days. He has delayed doing the PCR test . I went to pick her up for my week and police can do nothing cos of covid and our court order only says shared custody.  He is fanatical about school and covid and doesn’t think its safe. Last year he brainwashed her into not going back to primary school in June as she was too frightened.  When it was my week he told her I was going to abort her obviously a total lie and she refused to come to me. I took him to court and got her back and age eventually went back to primary school for 3 days as she wasn’t being brainwashed by him.

    He has taken her out of senior school twice. Once for a day on her second day there . The night before she started he had her uniform and refused to give it to me unless I had a specific mask that was safe. He went to her school in September and took her out citing he had symptoms and they had to let her go. An hour before he went in the school and asked to take her they said no so he went back with symptoms.  The man is unbelievable.

    He has refused to let her contact me this last week on her phone and

    Can only contact me on his phone.

    Her 2 best friends had a sleepover last week and he has reported them to the school and the police and social services.  He also lies about everything and everyone . I feel she will never have a normal life. He is ruining it all. Its affecting my 2 sons from a previous relationship.  One was 18 2 weeks ago and I said he could have 2 friends to sleep. We have stuck to all lockdown rules and I really felt for him. Anyway they were tested before and after . And us. All negative.  Ex reported me and them and has reported my sons friends to their schools. Obviously he blames me  for daughters covid. Although she was at school that day the same day as my sons birthday.  She sat upstairs the whole night and had no contact with them. I’m in trouble now allegedly  with police and school etc. Its just a nightmare. He reports everybody for everything even my mum who is in the support bubble.Reported my mum to social services for physical assault on daughter as my mum had to grab her arm to stop her running off down the street after me. She was 9 then and decided she was coming with me to an event with my son! I could go on and on. The list is endless. Hes abusive and lies and reports to the police everything. Making up stories or fabricating them out of a kernel if truth

    I’m tired of it all. I just want it to stop. What’s to stop him saying shes got symptoms or covid again and keep her an extra week. The police wont go in and get her cos of the covid. I’m desperate for help.

    Her best friend isn’t allowed to contact her whilst she is at dads as dad was abusive to the mum and texted the daughter when the 2 girls had a row. What can I do?

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