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    Ex husband left me with a newborn for a work colleague. Divorce is finalised. The house is mine for the next five years when I buy him out. Ive met someone else. Im very happy.

    The house has a damp issue and I want to get external insulation. It is stated in our consent order that any works I get done can then be reimbursed at time of sale. Basically if I spend £4k on essential maintenance  I get that back from the sale amount.

    To reclaim this back my ex has to agree to the work and I then get a deed drafted by a solicitor.

    Classic narc he has used this as a way to force himself in. He basically wants me to have to converse with him as much as possible as it triggers my ptsd.

    My questions are:

    Do you have experience of a similar situation?

    What happens if he doesn’t agree? Its to make our home safer for our three year old.

    Could I in theory go ahead anyway? What would happen in that case?

    Fed up. I just want to look after my daughters home and make it safe for her.

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