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    Hi guys

    Im in a pickle. My son is 2 and 9months and hasent yet started potty training as he refuses and so ive left it a little dont want to put him off. However the nappies are getting too small now and we often have few wet through to clothes. This is ok it happens in the day sometimes

    Nightime is a problem tho he is wet through the nappy every morning lately and it means washing everyday small loads. The nappies only go upto size 6 in most places and ive seen pampers size 7 but they are very expensive

    Im trying to use pull ups in the day now which are easy and bit more age appropriate and hope to start potty training or toilet training soon.

    Any advice on something for the nighttime as this is what i need to sort out to keep him dry


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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