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    Hi, my partner and I (not married) are in the process of splitting up. We bought a house 2 years ago but as I am self employed it is only in his name (he dealt with the mortgage, he said we got a better deal is I wasn’t included, looking back I’m not sure if I should have questioned that at the time) He is now insisting that he gets to keep the house as I would never be given a mortgage (I work 12 hours a week as I’ve been the primary carer for our 3 primary aged children). It was my money that paid for the deposit and stamp duty though, which he says he will repay me when he remortgages. Part of me wants the children to have their own house, at least when they live with him, but part of me feels like it’s incredibly unfair that he gets to stay put and still be able to own a home, when if I’d been able to keep working (my previous job was quite difficult to work around the children, childcare would have been expensive) I would be able to as well. It’s not an amicable separation as such but there was no incident or other person involved, which means we both want to spend the most time with the children and stay in the area. He doesn’t want to make life easy for me at all and I’m quite sure will be awkward all the way through proceedings if past behaviour is anything to go by. Would I be best renting somewhere? I can work more hours if he is having the kids 50/50. What sort of claim would I have on the house? I definitely couldn’t afford the mortgage payments and as he is insistent that the kids live with him half of the time we wouldn’t need to pay maintenance I guess? I’ve got no idea how that all works. I’m not sure my youngest 2 would want to live with him half of the time. I’d really appreciate any advice.

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    I didn’t read this in full but my husbands name was on the mortgage.  We had no children but I have a child born after his affair.

    So you need to get some free advice online.  There are matrimonial lawyers who will give you 30 minutes free time.

    I was allowed to stay in home as the husband sold it to me at a knock down price. I  do feel  cheated as he he hid his money so it looked like I was rich.  If you can’t afford mortgage you will be forced to sell and told to find cheaper accommodation.

    The judge will not expect your husband to pay for 2 sets of mortgage   sorry this sounds harsh our mortgage was only £200 and my ex has a job that takes him all over the world . The mortgage is £450 and i live in a 3 bed house.

    Do not rent as you need security when you are older.  Find a broker and find out how much mortgage youcan borrow.  I work part time so you can get tax credits if you work.

    You also need to get your deposit back too. Do not go to court as our divorce cost £50 k .lawyers like when you have property as they like telling you to pay their fees after you sell property. I know you have children but the new laws give husband equal rights now.    Good luck sherima x


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    Think a call to CAB should also be on the list. In fact, do that ASAP.

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