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    Hi All

    I’m Currently in the process of divorce and hopefully it should be completed soon

    I have decided to go back to my maiden name what I’m wondering is how do you do it legally?

    Is it legal automatically after your divorced or do you have to do it through a deed poll change for it to be legal

    Any help appreciated if anyone has done this x

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    You are entitled to use your maiden name you do not have to change anything  just as you did not have to do anything when you got married. You are legally entitled to use either surname. All you have to do is update your passport and driving licence so that you have your IDthe way you want it in case you do something using ur maiden name that required ID to match it eg travel bookings or banking. You can start using your maiden name immediately. There is no obligation to use your married name even when married. You don’t have to wait for your divorce to change the name on your ID. I would wait though as I assume your court papers are in your married name so it’s nice to have all your paperwork and ID in matching names just in case there is any hiccup with your proceedings and you suddenly need to sign more stuff or have your ID taken. Just all smoother when everything matches. You can use this time to make a list of everything u will want to change from your utilities to council tax banks loans store cards memberships insurance and the like then when u are ready do it all in one go. If you do have anything mismatched it’s OK as u can show your marriage certificate to show the two names and that’s all you need to show you are entitled to use both. You are equally entitled to use the married name despite being divorced.

    Wish you well with everything.

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    Thank you so much for the advice

    That all makes sense and that’s what it seemed to be saying online

    I’m going to wait till the divorce is over so it doesn’t cause any problems x

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    Do you have any kids? I was keen to change my name back so that I had no association with my ex, but a friend pointed out ,that then the kids would have a different name to hers/mine. She simply said “why should I have a different name, I still want my kids to be “associated” with me, and feel “part of me”. Kinda made sense so I am waiting until they are older! It won’t make any difference when they are married!

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    I understand what your saying and I was unsure at first but it’s the right thing for me.My son will always know I’m his mum regardless of my surname and for me personally I have no desire to keep someone’s name I’m not married too.For me it would always tie you to them and I want to be me!

    So each to their own but I don’t need a surname to be someone’s mum

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    I’m in the process of coming up with a new name for myself and my daughter. Of course you don’t need to have the same surname to be the parent of your child – but it is understandably something you might want to share, particularly when it comes to them being at school, or when travelling when they are young and having to prove you are their parent! It is possible to change a child’s name as well, but you need the other parent’s permission up to a certain age. I know this may not be relevant to the original poster – but may be for anyone else reading 😉 N

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    Hi I changed both my name and my sons by Deed Poll after a long and messy divorce (long story)

    I used the online name change service from the UK Deed Poll Office for both of us.

    They did most of the work and we received our legal deeds the very next day. I had a court order saying I didn’t need my ex husbands permission to change our sons name but I think normally I would have needed the fathers consent.

    Long story short, I had my new passport and driving license in no time.


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    Hi, Like @LisaLee, I used Deed Poll to change back to my maiden name and to add my maiden name as my son’s middle name, he kept his fathers surname. I mainly did this for travel so I didn’t have to get a letter to from his Dad to take him on holiday or carry birth certificates etc. to prove I’m his parent, but also I realised how important my surname was to my identity and that it is as deserving as my ex’s to be included in my son’s name.

    I did need to get written agreement from my ex to do this, you could make it a stipulation of your divorce if you wanted to go down the route of adding your name to your sons.

    Hope this helps.x

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