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    I’ve been searching and searching for advice so I’m hoping that maybe gingerbread mum’s could help. I’ve become very anxious and worried about the coronavirus,  I am at home with my 12yr old son and he really wants see his dad. I know the guidelines suggest that a child can spend time with both parents but the problem is he is not worried about the virus, he lives in his mum’s pub with her grandson which is fine but they have decided to decorate the inside and have electrian do the re-wiring and his brother in law is coming over to help paint. His mum is in her 70s but she isn’t worried either about the virus. I’ve tried speaking to him but he has just said that his son just can’t come over then because we are decorating but he’s suggested that he spends time on a bike ride for an hour every other day. I have asthma and diabetes, I’m also looking after my mum in her 70s with diabetes type1 and high blood pressure. I don’t know what to do, my son is angry and upset with him but would go on a bike ride just so he can see him, because he’s having various people coming into the pub is that putting my son and my family at risk? Thanks x

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    hey there,

    Sorry to hear that.

    It seems you are stuck on these things.

    Many people’s come and go in your husband’s place and you say your mom is 70s with diabetes!

    So there is no way for your son to have his father at this time!

    To be honest the only way to keep safe your family is staying at home. There is no way!

    I think it’s better to talk with your son, he is 12 and I think he can understand that.

    Take care and be safe

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    I think I’d encourage the bike rides as long as they start at your house and your son does not go to the pub.
    They are exercising, it will alleviate your son’s resentment and if they are cycling, they can’t get closer than 2m to each other or to anyone else. And the roads are quiet.

    It seems a reasonable compromise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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