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    Hi i need some help please. Ive been with my partner for a year now and ever since we got together his ex has played all sorts of games. 6 years ago She moved the children 80 + miles away to be with her new partner to whom she is married to now and has another child with. Ever since we have been together she stops him from face timing them, seeing them, wont let hom take them on holiday, wont let them have any contact with me outside of the times that they stay in our house, will not let me look after them on the weekends when they are with us, the list goes on. We have spoken to the CAB but its just not moving along and were both at our whits end. We have typed out an agreement which she is just not agreeing to anything. What other steps can we take to get a court order? Is she right in not letting me have a relationship with them or stopping phone calls to my parter (their dad) we just dont know how to start getting things going or what to do. Shes now stopped all contact because of Covid-19!!!

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    You need to disengage IMO. This is your partner’s fight, not yours. If he is a loving dad he’ll make the effort himself to go to a solicitor or CAB and go to court for an access order.

    Sorry if that sounds mean but they are his children. You doing the organising is only going to antagonise their mum, even if she is in the wrong, and make it look like he isn’t making the effort himself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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