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    I have a 8 year and currently pregnant. I have found out my partner has been having an affair with the neighbour and I can’t stop visioning them together. Everytime I shit my eyes it’s all I see resulting in me not being able to sleep and constantly upset.

    I am trying to move as I obviously can’t see her day in day out however the move won’t be instant. I haven’t yet seen her since finding out as I have tried to spend as much time as possible as way from home. I know I am going to have to start spending time there again very shortly as I am a nurse going back to work after annual leave and my child needs routine for school.

    Does anyone have any advice on any part of my situation? , I am so grateful  for anything that help just that little bit to take the pain away.

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    Hi sorry to hear about your situation. My partner had an affair so I know how difficult it is. It will get easier over time.

    If you do see her I would probably just ignore her, there’s no point in lowering yourself to her standards, and if you’re with your son you need to set a good example. Of course it will hurt to see her and it isn’t going to be easy.

    Try and look after yourself, do something you enjoy to try and take your mind off things. Like I said it does get easier over time even though it probably doesn’t seem like it at the moment.

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    Hi hun , sorry to hear about your situation. If moving is what you feel you need to do I totally get that but as you said these things take time. Totally agree with Lorraine123, try and focus on yourself, your little one and that bump of yours 🙂

    My advise would be to yourself  surrounded with people that matter when possible. Focus on things that make you feel good. Maybe make yourself a to do list so you have a plan and some direction and then it’s one hurdle at a time. Maybe try some relaxation and a bit of a pamper time  if u feel up to it as this will help keep you calm which is good for you and baby.

    Im a nurse too so understand how busy you will be when back at work but this may be a good distraction. When my situation was at its worst work kept me focussed then my home time was totally focussed on my little ones.

    Maybe talk to your midwife about local support as there is lots for perinatal. I work in mental health and we prioritise anyone that’s pregnant x

    you got this girl

    take care  x

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    im so sorry to hear this but the same thing happened to me. She was my neighbour best friend and god mother to one of my children.

    it was slightly different as I moved out of the family home as my ex refused too. Even more oddly is she moved to her parents and left her husband there. So husbands lived next door for some time.

    I think they were a few arguments.

    I think you carry your life on and those images will reduce.

    however it is hard and I’m ten years on and when I see her as she works in a major chain supermarket I still feel sick when I see her.

    big hugs and be kind to yourself .. you be ok x

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