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    2013 my marriage broke down . My wife was a compulsive liar and the marriage ended with aggravated entrapment that led to blackmail to divorce. Blackmail to leave but come and stay at the weekends. Blackmail to except 10 pounds aweek maintenance for my 2 daughters aged 6 and 7 at the time. For 4 years I put up with this poultry sum I received in maintenance.  Then I heard her fortunes had changed and she had bought a new car and started a business in her home country the Philippines.  So I reported her to cms and in the end me and x came to an agreement which was 20 pounds aweek plus halve the kids costs. The halves was the big one which meant I was getting 40 to 80 aweek depending on costs. When I called the cms off I asked out of curiosity how much were they going to make her pay 7.50 aweek. A d this is because she was deliberately  working part time officially and full time cash in hand. So anyway after are agreement a change began it started with grooming the kids with shopping trips and gifts. The weekends started getting  longer and before I knew it she was staying 4 nights aweek.  But even then there was evidence that she had come back to the house when we were at work and school. It soon became apparent that she was living a d useing my house as a base to tax evade and see a married man. It is now 3 years she has been here useing my house in this way for another man. This compulsive liar tricked her way into my house. Hides behind the kids emotions and useing  them to carry on staying here. The first year of are agreement started alright but then it ended with nothing. The last 2 years this woman has paid no rent. No maintenance.  Nothing for Bill’s. Brought no food into this house. She does no housework. She leaves her pots and pans for me to wash. She never cooks for the kids. She doesant pay tax and she sneaks out day or night either to work or see him. We dont know where she is working or who she is with. The end result for me is ending up on a iva with a condition to report her to cms. Trouble is cms wont do anything  because  she is living here. I can go on and on but this is crossing the line in every way and caused emotional  and financial and mental stress. She gloats. She deliberately  burps on my food. A d as I know she does videos and aggravated entrapment it is fair to say what’s going on here is intentional to push me over the edge.

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