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    Before I came on here (which is today, my first day) I felt so alone, so abandoned, so neglected, lonely. Then, I began reading all the stories (majority from ladies) and I saw how much men get away with wrong doing and mistreatment, and women have to carry not only pregnancy by themselves and raising the kids but also abuse, abandonment, further mistreatment, homelessness, bullying, guilt trips, threats, legal matters and their changing bodies and hormone levels, deteriorating mental health. No one seem to care about women who were left, mistreated, blamed; but the men get away. There is something fundamentally wrong with people and the current system in place.

    This needs to stop. Something needs to be done here by authorities and government. Women need to be protected. Children need to be protected from abusive parent, abandonment has to be seriously addressed and considered.

    After reading so many stories of yours, I feel I am better off alone than with someone who abandoned me and my yet to be born baby. Either way a man will get away for as long as this governmental system of neglect is in place and women and children will suffer.

    I want to champion 🏆 us, women, for our strength, and look for actual ways to stop this systematic abuse!!

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    I definitely agree we should look for our strengths and be proud!
    I was left alone at just over 6 months pregnant, he came back briefly and I did everything possible for him to be able to be a dad for 18 months, despite his abuse. Strangely this got twisted when I asked for mediation, as I was almost broken mentally. And I came out looking like a stereotypical single mum, denying dad access 🤦‍♀️ It’s such an easy card to play.
    this man told me I’d be a council estate sl@g and a benefit stealing b1tch for the rest of my life, whilst her carried on working and rake it in.
    my child has just turned 4, he’s been off the scene for over 2 years!

    I am back in my field of work and providing a great life for my child, We wake up everyday and we are both laughing within 5 minutes….. don’t get me wrong sometimes it is hard and like any parent I struggle at times.
    There is alway a dark cloud which I carry, the fact her dad walked away and someday I will have to deal with that and work through it with her. He may decide to want to see her again, it angers me he pays £7 a week (obviously not raking it in anymore) and I juggle work childcare and every other cost a child brings, sometimes it consumes me when she’s in bed just how selfish one person can be…..But I’m proud to say I’ve done my best and have an amazing life with my child! Because of my grit and determination to prove I won’t be defined by a stereotype, I’m happy and have a strong willed, amazing child and I very much doubt she’ll make the same mistakes I have.

    it’s all very scary when you’re abandoned and pregnant, you feel like you’re clinging to a splinter in a stormy sea….but it gets better, the storm passes and you find yourself on a tropical island with your best mate 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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