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    I have a new partner we get on .it wasn’t taken lightly and it took a few months of chatting etc to get so far. Thing is have 3 small people 14,11,6. While 2 of mine are ok about it one isn’t. One keeps saying he s around alot I’m fed up with it I have not pushed them on each and we have of the discussions about why, where when etc. And we do things on our own and as a family as such. More so than with there dad ever  he doesn’t tell them off, or tey to be thier dad riggt now maybe one dya he can do that or share it.he leaves it to me and that’s fine. I’m  so much happier, the others are, and our life is better in more way than one. They do see their dad once a month. God choice. any advice in what to do to help him. Other than end it. Which I wouldn’t want to-do. As they get bigger I’ll be on my own which I dont fancy while I do put my small people first 10% is also about me. Please don’t call me selfish. I feel we all deserve to be happy for once. And it’s each day at a time. It’s new to all of us. Thanks. Any others had any experience like this? Thanks people  be happy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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