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    John B

    I have recently been to court and won shared care of my children.

    The kids love coming to see, most of the time on days I have to take them back they ask to stay longer. As part of the courts decision I can finally take the kids to school (been wanting it for a long time) however my oldest says he doesn’t want me to take him, I have asked him why but he just says “I don’t know”. I have not pressured him but I have asked him a few times and he just can’t give me a reason.

    My ex wife has been very difficult throughout (understatement) our separation when it’s come to child care and I am worried she is making him say this to appeal against the court order that’s in place.

    Any advice please

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    Hi John,

    most of the time I experienced behaviour like that, it came down to our son being afraid of his mother making a scene. Just make sure he knows, it is as good to go with you as it is to go with his mother, and you are not braking any boundaries, as you are as much a parent to take your child to school as his mother is. Maybe point out some other fathers, who take their kids to school to show him how common it is and absolutely nothing out of order or remarkable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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