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    We have had the Decree Nisi through but my husband is refusing to move out of the family home because he can’t afford to contribute to the mortgage and pay rent somewhere else. He is sleeping in the lounge and life at home is unbearable. He emotionally abuses me daily and it’s tough for the kids too.

    Is there anything I can do to make him move out?


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    I agree with above I just told my ex that I would be getting a non molestation order and an occupation order if he didn’t move out by the coming Friday…. just telling him this was enough and he went whilst I was putting it all together to submit to the court. I can highly recommend a non molestation order even if u don’t get an occupation order as this can control his behaviour within the home also. But go for it, he can’t expect u and the children to continue living like this.

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    Hi Amelia82, I saddened that your ex-husband is treating you and your children like that in your own home. Does he not have any family or friends that he can live with which in turn would relieve you and your children of the emotional daily abuse? My daughter and I went through something similar with her Dad (mental/verbal abuse), it took a year for him to leave. I went through a mediator to have it in writing of when he sees/contacts our daughter. I also went through Child Maintenance Service as he stopped contributing out of spite and the CMA took the money directly from his wages and yes he is a narcissist. I hope you get every resolved and I wish you well.

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    Hi there Amelia82

    In your situation it is important to get the right professional advice so you can make an informed choice.  Our Single Parent Helpline is staffed be advisers that will be able to help you explore your options.  They will be busy so get yourself a cup of tea whilst you are waiting to be put through.  All calls will be free.

    Hope that helps, Justine

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