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    Hi gingerbread users,

    Am sure am not alone when it comes to the experience of loneliness amongst us single parents.

    I’ve wrote other posts regarding this, but without much impact. (if interested in checking these out just search for them under title “friendship request”.

    I stand to b corrected but I think most people relive the past n worry about the future, but forget about the present.

    I know to stand a chance of reconnecting with other people I need to extend my pool to better my odds, hence that’s why I reach out to different people on this forum.

    Yes we’ve our children whom we love to bits,, n they do love us back but this loneliness is of a different level, where we yearn to reconnect with other adults.

    I don’t know whether it’s just me who is undergoing such an experience or others out there too!?


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    Hi Richard, you’re definitely not alone in how you are feeling. I am feeling exactly the same, very lonely and isolated and find it so difficult to meet people in the flesh who are in a similar position as me. Somehow, online seems to be the only way I get to meet other single parents, bizarrely!

    Woke up this morning with that sinking feeling, again which is becoming more frequent. Its a mixture of dread, exhaustion, thinking about all the effort that has to be put in just to get through another day. That sounds really bad as I love my son to the ends of the earth and feel blessed every morning that we are here to share another day, but it’s so hard being a single parent. Nothing can prepare you for how tough it is.

    My little boy is 2 and I have very little support, in fact none immediately to hand. I stared my new job last week, part-time which is a positive step but has generated a whole heap of other stress! I feel like all I do is worry, fret and complain. I do my own head in so sorry for going off on one lol!

    How long have you been a single dad, Richard and have you always experienced loneliness?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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