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    Hi all

    God only knows where I start?!

    I was with my 19 year old girlfriend for 5 that time she became pregnant.

    I am 22

    I really begged her to have a abortion as we had split up when she gave me the news(Yes I feel dreadfully asking such a thing..I do..)

    We never got along and she was seeing guys behind my back (that was why I called it a day)

    Anyway she decided to keep the baby and I told her I would be 100%there for her through the pregnancy and when the baby’s born I want to have regular days,times ECT for seeing her and taking care of her.

    This girl has put me and my family through hell during her pregnancy..trying to cut us off..

    Buying the baby clothes car seat ECT on the way..

    She told me she would tell me when she went into labour..she didn’t!I found out on Instagram that her bf who she’s been with 5 weeks posted (me n my baby girl)

    I was devastated.

    Btw this is her 4th nd in 6 month..I went to 3 scans(I wasn’t wanted there but never the less I was there)

    She was took in hospital (by my brother)at 5 month pregnant heavily bleeding!I rushed to the hospital to be told by the midwife it was my fault and I needed to be more gentle when having sex!!(I was angry and embaressed)as it obviously was one of her new crushes of the month that she had sex with!

    So anyhow I’ve painted a pretty bleak picture..but it’s all very true..she lies all the time and is so immature..

    Rolling forward to my daughter (Well she tells me it’s mine)I have never once implied to her it’s not..but Well.. I do get my mum telling me I need to make sure..

    But now my daughter’s here and she’s refusing to let me see her..telling me I wasn’t there for her during pregnancy and that Mr 5 week is going to take my place!

    I’m totally devastated.. all I want is to have regular contact with my little the best dad I possibly her lovingly and pay maintenance.

    But I really am getting no where..

    Me and my family are beyond devastated.

    I’ve been informed ex has already registered her birth without me..I have no idea if anyone’s been put on the father part..I know it’s not me as I understand I need to be present(which I thought was the plan)

    I really don’t know which way to go..

    I’m nearing on breaking down as I don’t want to be a absent dad..I just want to see my daughter.

    So what I’m asking there anyone here who’s been through something similar?

    I know a option could be court..and a DNA and all that./pro if proven she’s mine…but Well I’m so worried that she’s that deluded and so unaproachable how would the courts enforce her to let me see my daughter(supposing they would)

    She would mess them about and not be there for me to collect I’m wondering if I had all the money in this world do the courts really have the power?or is the ex just going to laugh at me time n time again when she breaks the order and I have to pay to take her back to court?

    Help me please all advice welcome..

    Ps don’t abuse me please ..I’ve always done the best I can ..

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