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    I have just recently split from my ex. It’s been 2 months, his choice so all a bit of a whirlwind at the moment. We have a 11 year old boy (his step son) and and 11 month old baby. We had a family holiday booked for mid July and he’s now saying I have not to go as its with his family. My son doesn’t want to go without me even though he was really excited to go but he’s just a mummy’s boy and now my ex is saying he will take our daughter on his own. He hasn’t had anytime with her on his own for longer than a day and at that goes to his mums etc as he works loads and she hasn’t left my side especially with lockdown. I feel she is too young and under the circumstances shouldn’t be away without me. I don’t have any issues with his family so not like its a problem we can’t be adult for me to go away with them all and means my son isn’t missing out too. I feel with everything he’s calling all the shots and I have just to fall into line. Am I being unreasonable?

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    If I were you, I wouldn’t let either kid go by themselves without me (unless I really needed a break!)

    Definitely not unreasonable on your part so don’t feel guilty on top!

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    That would really cause me a lot of stress….It’s a bit demanding of him to say he wants to take your daughter,she’s too young to know what’s going on and she doesn’t really need the holiday at that age-and if it worries you,then that should definitely be taken into account.Sounds a bit like it’s a power thing for him.

    Do you know what I always find funny?

    A man can walk out on his kids trusting their mother to make everything ok,many big decisions alone,keep them safe and looked after and keep it all going generally,but when he fancies he thinks he can come banging back in and give orders….Well sometimes it’s too late.Its very hard on your son though.Sorry you’re going through this.

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    Personally I wouldn’t let either go without me but everyone is different. The fact he’s hardly spent anytime with the baby would worry me and she will probably end up getting looked after by his family. Baby isn’t gonna remember whether they went or not !

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