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    My husband left me for another woman 5 months ago, been seeing children twice a week but refuses weekends , now for more a financial gain he’s wanting the children 3 children over 3nights during a school night, he is also put a claim in for child benefit and child tax for one child, he says this is fair, and is basically bulling me saying he’s not paying matti nance either, which he has never done since he left, what happens if I don’t agree, what are his rights? Our youngest also has autism so needs routine.

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    In law maintenance/finance and contact are not linked. He can’t pay nor withhold monies based on access. He’s trying to go from you being resident parent to sharing parentage. You have a right to resist this – it’s in your interests too. If he wants to advance this he will need to look at mediation and courts and that won’t go in his favour in this case. Try not to panic about it. It’s his problem not yours.

    All the best.

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    i always thought that one parent can claim benefits for children.. and should spend those on children and not as their own income. You always can contact benefits service and talk to them.

    you can force him to pay the maintenance. if you have his name and address, child maintenance has access to all his details. However you will get something only if he is working. if he is out of work, you will not get anything, or like 5 ponds a month.. but they can deduct money before his salary.

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    Sorry!  who is matti nance? Is that the landlord?

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    While we are on the subject of linguistics can someone point me to an alternative phrase for nitpicking? Thanks in advance 😂

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