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    So as soon as my ex found out I have a girlfriend, she insisted that she will never bring my 1 year old daughter to me to visit. It’s not easy to visit her because she’s lives 2 hours away. Another way of choosing to spite me, by agreeing to move so far from me. I give her money and help her yet she still put me on child maintenance as soon as she found out about my girlfriend. She also has blocked me so I can’t see or speak to my daughter. I now want custody. How do I go about doing this? Why is everything in the mothers favour ? She’s receiving my money, plus universal credit and I still can’t see my baby. It’s not fair. She’s punishing me because I don’t want to go back out with her. She’s a dark and twisted girl who uses our daughter as a weapon. Please help me. I just want to see my daughter and keep her out of this nonsense. How do I go about getting custody?

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    I am sorry but you want get custody.  The best thing is to arrange contact with your ex first to see your 1 yr old daughter, if this doesnt work you would need to attempt mediation.

    The 2 hours distance is going to be problematic and potentially your daughter only being one may see contact limited to around 4 hours a week.

    Its best to amicably if you can come to an arrangement with ex where you can build contact up slowly working towards overnight contacct in future.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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