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    Could someone give me advice?  My ex, the father of my 3 children is still continuing to see his girlfriend of just over a month during the Coronavirus lockdown. When he first told me, I was astonished that he put so much trust in someone he had hardly known that long, putting his new romance over the safety of our kids. He claims that she rarely leaves her flat and is therefore fine to visit. I thought I had managed to persuade him not too, but on Friday I realised he’d been lying. Am feeling a range of emotions from anger, complete hurt that he’s putting the relationship before the safety of the kids, but sometimes I wonder if I’m overreacting. As it stands I’ve told him that I don’t want him seeing the kids now while the lockdown is in place. So far the kids (aged 16,14 and 9) have yet to ask when or why they’re not going to dads. I know if I tell them why they will be hurt at his actions, but part of me feels like they should know.

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    1. No my daughter is not going to her dads as we have the same problem.You dont know who the fathers partner is mixing with
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    See my little girl lives with me and as soon as the lockdown started I said FaceTime only my little girls mum has to have supervised visits but as so as they said lockdown it’s exactly what I did your ex could catch it walking to his gf rather than catching it from her at the end of the day your kids are in your house and your care you know what’s best

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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