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    It’s only been a couple of months since we separated but my husband has started sleeping with a friend of mine. Well I thought she was a friend! Although I don’t want him back, I feel like they have both betrayed me. And she has been spending a lot of time with him at the house, including being there the whole time he has the children. Surely he should be concentrating on spending time with the children (especially as they adjust to.our new situation)?! I’m also worried they will be confused when it fizzles out (I think they are both only after one thing!)

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    Same situation re ‘friend’, though my husband has moved in with her & told our children they’re a couple. Since being with her his communication with me has gone right downhill & he’s become openly nasty. The girls aren’t happy & he’s convinced I’m feeding them what to say – I’m not, as I want them to retain good relationships with him. Up until now I desperately wanted him back; now I’m not so sure if he can be like this.

    The children should come first & he shouldn’t be having her around them yet; way too soon.

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