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    Hi everyone,

    Please I need your help to figure out what to do, in the last few days is happening a lot of mess coz of my ex partner, I ll try to explain in the quickest way:

    I am 24 yrs old and I have a 2 yrs old son, it’s been a year now that I am not with his dad anymore as we was having many problems, he was completely absent, addicted to weed and spending all this money and leaving me alone to struggle with the house, baby, work etc etc… I could not handle it anymore as I was not happy like that so I decided to leave him and carry on with my life… he is not able to admit his faults and always pointed me to have left him for someone else, he thinks that coz while i was struggling so much with him i get to know better one colleague who was really supportive with me and helped me many times when i was in need, I knew he was married so I didn’t ever consider I could be with him one day,  but i got really affectionate to him.

    September last year i decided to leave my boyfriend and coincidence the wife of the guy i was close to left him, for their reasons in november, nothing to do with me… in that  moment I thought that was a chance for me to be happy with him and move on so we started dating…

    We been seeing for about 7 months now and he wants to introduce me to his family, so I tried to discuss it with the dad of my baby and he went so mad and doesn’t seem he wants to cooperate at all… he started telling me he won’t let me grow up the baby the way I want and not with the new guy… he says he will always give me issues with him and his family if I ever take my son to them…

    I understand that is really difficult it self for my actual partner to take me home with a baby already (his parents are a bit restricted religious)  even worse if my ex partner keeps giving us troubles and issues.   But I really feel I wanna be with him and I don’t wanna lose him and the chance to move on with my life and grow up my son the way I believe is correct.

    I am constantly asking please to my ex partner not to make my life difficult and that I won’t never stop him from seeing the baby, I even told him I wouldn t need anything from him just to let me live my life 🙁

    I don’t know what to do anymore, how to sort this out, if it might be helpful to contact the social services…

    All of three of us work in the same company and this is even worse


    I am really so disperate.  🙁


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