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    my ex and I have been separated for 2 years due to her mental issues and drinking problem, 6 months ago she got a boyfriend who drank and as a result she drank more, I intervened and told her we could try again partly to stop her going down the road she was on and partly because I wanted to try again. We tried but she was still drinking so I told her we should have a break until the drinking is under control. She persistently asked to come home and I said no now she has a new boyfriend and this is making me want her back again! I know I shouldn’t want her back and I should just leave her to it but I’m finding that really difficult to do. I think the fact that she plays happy families on a Friday night when she has the kids doesn’t help, all my friends and family say good riddance and stay away but I can’t shake this feeling if she would get better we could be a family again

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    Sorry to read about your problem.

    I have dated people in the past with alcohol/mental issues and I have to say a person who is in grip of addiction are not people you want to be in a relationship with.

    You can try and support them but not at the expense of your health and hapiness. You’re missing out on your kids they grow up too fast.

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    Single dad, it’s horrible isn’t it.

    I left my ex because his drinking had got to a level where it wasn’t safe and I didn’t want our son growing up seeing that every day or thinking it was normal.

    Leaving was tough but the best thing. My ex also tried to come back but refused to cut his drinking so I said no.  You can’t fix her, just as I couldn’t fix my ex. They have to do it themselves. Your priority now is to protect your little ones.But it isn’t easy☹️

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    Thankyou for the insight, I did think I could fix her problems but they just became worse. I know what you say is right but can’t help thinking that I need her for this parenting thing and that I’m not doing a great job of it by myself! Just want to get past all this and move on. Suppose the best thing has happened and she’s with someone else I just need to try and not get emotional and try and split them up I need to leave them to it and that should in the long run enable me to get over it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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