My don is firm he doesn’t want to see his father.

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    Hello 👋🏼

    So my son is 4 and a half, he’s a very strong boy and had been through a lot in his short years. His father is abusive towards me in all aspects of life- emotionally, mentally and in the past physically. He has NPD and is very controlling of me even though we are not together! He’s been very in and out off his sons life and I do feel he only bothers  when he has something to gain from my son( ie- help him to get his passport! )

    so I have cut him off more to me than I can count and then he worms his way back in our lives somehow and early July he wouldn’t leave my home as my sons was asleep I felt there was no need for him to stay! He ended up being very threatening and threw a full can of coke at me and then punched my smart TV so that’s broken! I’m still without a TV and he never replaced it, I called the police and got an injunction order on him but he’s now got back in contact with me and demanding to see his son, I said after school on a Friday he could have him for an hour but he rang and asked me to drop him but I can’t so he asked to see him tomorrow, I’m trying to keep the peace (I know it’s laughable!) but police dropped charges as lack of evidence and my next door neighbour has provided a whiteness statement saying he didn’t enter my home and that I smashed my own TV (they are friends) 🙄. Iv recently had and termination of his baby and mentally dealing with a lot! I do need a break but my son is very firm on the idea that he really doesn’t want to see his dad! He’s said it in the past but 9/10 he ends up having a good time but something is different this time I can see in his eyes he’s tired of the ups and downs. I know he’s young but he can feel the energy his father brings to our lives! Advice please.

    thanks Lauren

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