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    1. Hi my daughter who is nearly 8 is refusing to go to her dads, or even speak with him on the phone. I left nearly 7 years ago and he has continuously taken me to court. I left because of domestic abuse.
      my daughter has always struggled with contact but I’ve always sent her for year of him and courts and social services.
      since she went last time (over 2 week ago, was due there this weekend) she has refused to speak to him and refused to go. We have had a lot of issues around her anger and attacking me, hitting and kicking and screaming at me. She refuses to speak to anyone (I have tried counselling etc) and anyhow it has come out after a particularly bad outburst that she is scared of her dad, he shouts at her, has smacked her a few times (she even said his gf isn’t very nice anymore and has smacked her) she says she wishes she had a different dad, and is mad with me because I send her.
      her dad is not someone you can reason with, he is always right and blames me for her not wanting to talk to him (when he has asked before she says she did want to talk to him) she is scared to tell him the truth. This weekend she has been poorly so she hasn’t gone but I’m so worried what to do when she is due to go again. Social services say to encourage her to talk but they don’t need to be involved. Help! Please xx
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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