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    This morning I had the police at my door as my child’s father, who has been largely absent from his life in the 4 weeks since he walked out on us, reported a concern for safety to the police, citing my mental health as the reason he considers me to be an unfit mother.

    I have bent over backwards to be nice to him for our son’s sake and it’s like he can’t handle the guilt of that. He flipped over me keeping the back door key in the door because it prevents him coming and going as he pleases – yet he insists he only wants to come into the house when I’m not in so I fail to see the difference it makes but he couldn’t wrap his head around this one. I think he just wanted an argument to get a rise out of me so he could storm out. I told him to get out and that we’d take the issues to court as he refuses to have a proper conversation about anything at all.


    Has anyone ever had this, where their ex stoops so low as to fake a concern to the police? Even the police officer said that they wondered why, if he was truly concerned, did he leave our son with me. I don’t know what his next move will be or what mine should be.

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    Hi. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. My ex has not done anything like this but had been slightly using the children to get at me which is surprising as I didn’t think he was like that. I really think you need to keep a diary of all of this as he will clearly do anything to get at you. I hope you have plenty of friends for support to get you through this. Take care.

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    Grey Rock!

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